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The Changing Map of Israel and the Middle East

We are available in Israel and North America to present unique programming which will help put the Middle East

into perspective.

Our Signature Interactive Map Program

Our signature Map Program uses an interactive method to actually create, with your group, a map of the Middle East which investigates both the history and the current status of the area. This program, which runs between one and half and two hours, will give participants a clear picture of the history of the Jewish people in the area, Zionism, the emergence of Islam and the modern Arab world, and the current geopolitical situation.

Joe Perlov presenting the map program

Here is what participants are saying:   

"I've been to Israel before, and am active on my campus standing

up for Israel, but only after I did the Map Program did I really

understand the history of the region, the story of Israel, and what Zionism really meant."


"The Map Program clarified my understanding of the Jewish people's connection to the Land of Israel, and gave me, for the first time, a clear understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Peace Process, and the various narratives in the area. I really recommend it for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the issues."

V.R., Jewish Agency emissary from Israel to a Jewish summer camp in the US.

"For the first time, I understood where Gaza, the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank really were, what has been happening in those contested areas, and what the options are for the future. And I got a good Jewish education, in a good Jewish school! The Map Program really helped me make sense of

the region."

H.D., Hunter College

"The interaction between Joe and Rabbi Shimon really clarified the various positions on the conflict, both within the Jewish population, and beyond, to the Arab and outside world. Left, right, religious, secular, they brought it all to life."

A.M., The Israel on Campus Coalition.

Re: IL is here to facilitate and provide the deeper conversations and discussions
regarding Israel and the Middle East
Planning a trip to Israel? We can help.
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