Providing Deeper Conversations Regarding Israel & the Middle East

Joe Perlov and Rabbi Shimon Felix, two veteran educators who have brought thousands of people from North America and Europe to Israel for meaningful, in-depth, and exciting experiences, are now working together to create tailor-made Israel trips for students, communities, synagogues, church groups,  professional groups

and families.

Joe and Rabbi Shimon specialize in outside-the-box thinking, and will show you an Israel that is exciting, complicated, inspiring, and challenging. Along with the classic historical and contemporary locations, you will be introduced to sites not usually visited, which will shed new light on the Jewish State and its people. You will get to know organizations  working to make Israel a better society, and individuals who are making a real difference in the areas of culture, religion, politics, and the arts.


The greenhouse at Kibbutz Shfayim

Tailored to your Needs

Joe and Rabbi Shimon will work together with you to create a trip that will investigate those issues and areas which most interest you and your community, and also introduce you to elements of the Jewish State you never knew existed. They can take care of every aspect of your trip, from planning and content to all logistical matters. Joe and Rabbi Shimon are also available to discuss and debate all things Israel and Jewish on campus, in community, and for organizations in North America. 

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