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Our Promise to the

Promised Land

We believe that the challenges of global warming, climate change, the availability of food and water, sustainability and pollution, are issues about which the Jewish tradition has much to say.

Re: IL has taught the basics of Jewish ecology to thousands, including Israeli Shlichim (emissaries) to American summer camps, American and Israeli students, communities, and educators.


The greenhouse at Camp Airy                                                                

Hands On Environmental Experiences

Re: IL was instrumental in creating Educational Greenhouses at Camps Airy and Louise, in the Baltimore area, in the summer of 2017, which included hydroponics and water purification, food sustainability, algae cultivation, learning about and making natural soaps, creams, and lotions, and the basics of the Jewish tradition's concern for the world we have been given to "cultivate and to guard."

The greenhouse at Kibbutz Shfayim

If your community or organization are interested in programming in these areas, or would like to look into the possibility of creating an Educational Greenhouse for your community, campus, school, or organization, Contact us.

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Re: IL is here to facilitate and provide the deeper conversations and discussions
regarding Israel and the Middle East
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