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Beyond the Usual Destinations, Deeper into the Big Issues

Planning a trip to Israel? We can help.

Re: IL offers exceptional day tours to crucial but often overlooked sites,

communities, and attractions. We can upgrade your trip with in-depth exploration of the Negev, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the north of Israel and more.

With Re: IL you can learn about and interact with Israel's minority communities, uncover historical and cultural gems, and meet some of the people who are really making a difference.


Bedouin woman weaves a hand made mat                                                                        Photo courtesy of ChameleonsEye


Our signature programs include The Western Negev and the Gaza

Border, a chance to view the Gaza Strip from up-close, and meet with Israelis who live on the border and have struggled for years with rocket attacks, as well as learning about the millennia of Jewish history in the area. We also offer unique tours of Jerusalem and its surroundings, uncovering hidden gems and little-known stories, shedding new light on all aspects of Israel, Zionism, and the history of the Jewish people and

the area.  


We offer interactive experiences in various Kibbutzim around the country, which give you the opportunity to learn about the history of Zionism, as well as seeing cutting-edge contemporary innovations in agriculture, ecology and industry. 


Farming the desert                                                                                                              Photo courtesy of ChameleonsEye

We can also take you to villages in the Arab-Israeli sector where you can meet the residents, learn about Islam and understand the challenges faced by Israel’s Arab citizens.   

Re: IL can make your trip to Israel better than you can imagine.

Contact us for the chance to see an Israel that others don't get to.

Planning a trip to Israel? We can help.
Re: IL is here to facilitate and provide the deeper conversations and discussions
regarding Israel and the Middle East
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