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Interact with Israel’s Arab Citizens and Other Minorities

Israel is a mosaic of peoples, cultures, languages, and religions.

Re: IL takes you beyond the obvious to visit and meet with Israel's many ethnic and cultural groups.

Cultural Crossroads

Tour the beautiful Old City of Shfar'am - mentioned in the Talmud - where you can visit an ancient synagogue and the burial place of the Roman-era martyr Rabbi Yehuda ben Bava, see a wide range of churches,and learn about Islam in one of the city's many mosques. 

A child on the ruins of an ancient synagogue                    


Tour and meet the people of Um el Fahem, a major Arab-Israeli town, on the border with the West Bank, and the surrounding area. Visit the unique modern art gallery there, enjoy home hospitality, visit a mosque and meet with an Imam, and hear about the lives, dreams, and aspirations of Israel’s Arab citizens.                                               

Meet the Peacemakers

We also arrange meetings with a wide range of organizations working towards peaceful coexistence and cooperation between Israel's Jewish majority and Arab minority, and meetings with the fascinating Druze community and Bedouins in the Negev. All of these visits include Home Hospitality - Kosher venues available! - and a chance to visit Arab-Jewish schools, colleges in the Arab sector, organizations working with a range of challenged communities, and meet with social activists.

Students visit Arab-Israeli home


The Tribes of Israel

We introduce you to Israel's many different Jewish communities, from the Ultra Orthodox, to West Bank settlers, immigrant communities from Ethiopia and Russia, hipsters in Tel Aviv, and much more.



The traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony


If you really want to know Israel, you need to meet its people; Re: IL will make that happen! Contact us to find out how.

Planning a trip to Israel? We can help.
Re: IL is here to facilitate and provide the deeper conversations and discussions
regarding Israel and the Middle East
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