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Be part of the conversation: live and volunteer in Israel

Re:IL is launching a new program for adults age 55 and up - Live it. The program will enable you to live in Israel - on a Kibbutz, in an Israeli Arab village, or in Tel Aviv - for a month, with an option to extend.

Re:IL Regarding Israel is now offering a new program – Live it – which gives active adults the opportunity to engage deeply and meaningfully with Israel; to live, work, study, and volunteer for periods of time from three weeks to three months.















Re:IL's The Startup Trail tour focuses on emerging technologies in both Jewish and Arab sectors. 


Choose where to live and what to do


Participants choose how and where to spend meaningful time in Israel:

  • A Kibbutz in the Negev, a few miles from the border with Gaza

  • An Arab Israeli town in the beautiful and historic north of the country

  • Bustling, exciting, cosmopolitan Tel Aviv


In each of these venues (there are more in development) participants will be able to choose from a range of activities, including learning Hebrew or Arabic; teaching English to high school students from minority and disadvantaged populations; studying the history and contemporary culture of Israel and the Middle East; engaging in Jewish Studies; working and building the land; participating in an archaeological dig;  practicing organic agriculture; meeting with co-existence activists; and much more.














Teach English to students in an Arab Israeli town in the beautiful and historic north. 


This is your chance to NOT be a tourist in Israel, but to actually live, work, and learn here, with Israelis, in a real-life Israeli setting. You can spend this winter enjoying Israel’s great weather, interacting with all kinds of Israelis, and seeing and understanding the country from the perspective of a local. If you want to be a part of the country and the conversation, contact us.

Planning a trip to Israel? We can help.
Re: IL is here to facilitate and provide the deeper conversations and discussions
regarding Israel and the Middle East
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